Your leadership matters.

Great leadership calls people upward and forward. Towards a noble mission and greater purpose. With more clarity and higher performance.

NorthWise™ – a Direction and a Source.
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Your greatest leadership is born from wisdom deep within. Endowed from Above so that your people can flourish. Called out by a person of insight for such a time as this.

What difference will your leadership make? Who helps you sharpen your most valuable asset?

NorthWise™ Coaching draws out your leadership Masterpiece. So you can lead from the insight out. What leadership greatness shall we call out together?

What leaders work on with NorthWise™ Coaching.

When executives engage NorthWise™ Coaching, they’re typically performing well yet realize they’re leaving too much potential on the table – they want to move their own leadership and organizational performance from good to great.

Are you confronted with conflict on your team? Having a hard time holding people accountable? Tormented by the tyranny of the urgent? Concerned with how you’re coming across to colleagues? Are people productivity issues problematic? Is profitability plummeting? Is trust flagging? Need a safe place to process daring decisions or crucial conversations? Could there be more to master in your leadership masterpiece?

NorthWise™ helps hungry, values-based leaders shrink their blind spots and overcome their toughest challenges to develop critical leadership capacities so their teams, noble missions, and families flourish.

"Leadership coaching is a 21st century means to maximizing a leader's potential by helping him or her climb further up the hill."

- Alan Nelson

ROI of Executive Coaching

  • Mean ROI of coaching was 7x.
  • Median ROI was 3.4x.
  • 28% saw ROI of 10-49x.
  • 19% saw ROI of at least 50x.

PriceWaterhouseCoopers survey via Forbes, January 2011

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What's your growth opportunity?
  • Manage conflict more skillfully
  • Delegate with accountability
  • Improve listening
  • Develop strategic options
  • Build more trust with team
  • Communicate with greater clarity
  • Enhance values-based culture
  • Troubleshoot tough people issues
  • Improve skills based on 360 review
  • Integrate storytelling to inspire
  • Increase profitability & cash flow
  • Give & receive feedback skillfully
  • Strategize crucial conversations
  • Add accountability structure
  • Establish healthy boundaries
  • Set sustainable work-life rhythms
  • Clarify key leadership strengths
  • Strengthen character structure
  • Develop mission, vision, values
  • Pursue significance in leadership

How NorthWise™ Coaching works.

Where are you now? Where do you want to go? We'll connect to develop a mutual understanding about where you are now, where you'd like to go and whether we're a good fit in a 30-minute introductory call.
Clarify context and expectations. We’ll draw out more about your context and create clear expectations when you complete a welcome brief and coaching agreement.
Schedule coaching sessions. We'll schedule phone-based coaching sessions on a retainer basis, typically two 1-hour sessions per month, depending on the momentum you want to create. Need team coaching? It can be a powerful way to help your team move to the next level.
Set the focus. You'll set the focus for each call and jumpstart our coaching sessions when you email a short pre-brief for the calls.
Celebrate wins! We'll celebrate your wins along the way to help reinforce the positive changes and build greater capacity for tackling your next opportunities.
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What our CEO members are saying.
"I am wildly grateful for Todd Kemp and the expertise, patience, vision, empowerment, and relentless pursuit of the real issues and the real leader that make his coaching an essential for any growing leader. Todd's coaching has been indispensable to me!"

Ginny Fowler, Vice President, Talent Management, Apartment Life, Inc
"Todd has demonstrated an ability to provide a healthy structure to provide positive, encouraging and challenging feedback...Todd's coaching has directly impacted the bottom line to my company."

Jeff Durbon, President, Crosslands Construction Company
"As a small business owner, it is immensely challenging to see through your own personal blind spots. Todd has been amazing in a one-on-one setting… to cut through my blind spots and expose some real issues within my company that no prior consultant could do. Thanks to Todd's coaching, our company is experiencing genuine rebirth and heading in a fresh direction that I could not have envisioned a year ago."

Jeff Schuster, Former President, Ennovate
"I deeply appreciate Todd's commitment to ask hard questions, shepherd gently and help me better understand my own strengths and blind spots as a leader. I recommend Todd with full confidence because I have seen the impact in my own life."

Chris Horst, VP of Development, HOPE International
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