YOU sit in a lonely chair,

insulated from authentic, agenda-free, unfiltered feedback. You make bigger decisions with less reliable information. You’re expected to have all the answers, to be the energy source, visionary, coach, and culture-builder. Yet you’re not the doer anymore.

Your smallest remarks ripple through the organization and with unintended consequences become new marching orders. Your mood, body language – even your attire – get scrutinized and amplified. You also realize that what got you here – knowledge, skills, and leadership capacity – won’t get you there. The bar is raised.

YOU have options.

Consider our Convene™ CEO peer advisory team in Denver, Colorado. We help isolated and embattled CEOs and Business Owners: you can make smarter, more confident decisions and lead courageously for greater impact, significance and personal peace. Together, in a Convene™ peer advisory team and through 1-to-1 executive coaching, Christian CEOs work towards integrating three parallel priorities:

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What our CEO members are saying.
"Todd brings many tools and gifts to the table. He helped me improve my bottom line profitability and coached me through a difficult partnership break up. Todd has great ability to ask questions that get to the heart/core of the matter and lead you to solutions. If you want to grow your knowledge and ability in business and grow in your walk with Jesus and your family...I recommend Todd.

"Bruce Vande Steeg, DVM, former CEO, Monte Vista Dairy
"Todd's work with my company through his Convene team has been exceptional. Todd's leadership and facilitation in the group meetings creates a rich environment for business owners to learn, collaborate, and solve real problems not easily tackled alone."

Glenn Hertzler, President, Teton Aviation
"Convene is the smartest money we spend at Peak."

Steve FitzRandolph, CEO, Peak Creative
"Todd is a great leader of our Convene team…he brings great wisdom, encouragement, and empathy along with his great leadership and facilitator skills. Todd and the Convene team have made me a much better leader, which in turn has made my business a much better organization and more effective ministry. I highly recommend Todd and Convene to anyone looking for Christian-based business coaching."

Jordan Jackson, President, Security Central
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What leadership thinkers conclude.

A survey of CEO peer group members found:

  • 100% agreed membership improved company performance
  • 100% obtained new knowledge
  • 90% were able to improve organization in their professional life
  • 88% developed clearer performance benchmarks

- MIT Sloan Management Review, April 2012

"[For companies that value employee development], membership in a CEO peer group is easily justified. It should be part of every CEO's development plan."

- Harvard Business Review, May 2009

“Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.”

- King Solomon

Where do you go to get your answers questioned?

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