LEAP 2018 - Program FULL

Receive a Free Gift: 25 Extravagant Listening Tips for Leaders

LEAP 2018 - Program FULL

Receive a Free Gift: 25 Extravagant Listening Tips for Leaders

LEAP 2018 - Program FULL


March 27, 2018




Castle Pines, CO


Tuition: $10,300


NorthWise™ Leadership Excellence and Accelerator Program (LEAP) is a distinctive growth experience for hungry, values-based leaders to shrink their blind spots, enhance character structure, and overcome their toughest performance inhibitors to develop sustainable leadership capacities that ignite flourishing for their teams, missions, and families.

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A Key Leader competency-and-character integrated growth program for deeper, more sustainable leadership development.

LEAP is for those who currently lead teams or influence people and who want to grow so they can...

LEAP 2018 Application:

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"LEAP has made a positive impact on me personally and on those I manage. I am working more on the business than in the business than I ever have before. This experience has had the highest value and greatest impact of any other group I have been a part of."
~ Rick Schmitt
General Manager, Down to Earth Compliance, LLC
2015 LEAP Participant


 Learning & Growth Objectives:
"LEAP has been a uniquely challenging and personally rewarding experience. As a developing leader, I find the progam's emphasis on thoughtful, honest engagement to be incredibly motivating and insightful. In addition, I'm genuinely grateful for the support of Todd and the other LEAP participants as I continue to work towards a healthier work-life balance."
~ Andy Wallenkamp
   Front Range Operations Manager, Summit Services Group, LLC
   2017 LEAP Participant
 LEAP Approach:
"My experience with Todd Kemp and LEAP has been one of both professional and personal growth. The LEAP material and discussion group promoted sincere self-reflection on my personal management style and helped me evaluate the health of my team. Additionally, the monthly 1-to-1 time reinforced what I learned in the [group] and gave traction to the changes I desired to make."
~ Chuck Porter
   Partner, Radio Resource, Inc.
   2017 LEAP Participant


 LEAP Distinctives:
"The LEAP experience has been an incredible time of growth and development for me, both personally and professionally...very transformative. The impact of this experience will continue to pay dividends well into the future."
~ Ryan Edwards
   Regional President, Apartment Life, Inc.
   2014 LEAP Participant

 Admissions Process:
  1. Submit your application here         
  2. Candidates will be invited to a phone interview 
  3. Candidates will be notified of application decisions on a rolling basis 

Submit your application soon! Space is limited. Candidates are considered on a space-available and best-fit basis.


 Tuition Payment Schedule:

"LEAP has allowed me to make huge strides in leadership. Todd Kemp's program helped me discover my core values and real motivations, crisply articulate a strong personal purpose statement, and introduced me to business leadership content and key goal setting that has sharpened my relationships and results. Todd's coaching further personalized my experience, and has shaped how I've led new initiatives. Todd and the diverse group of leaders in my group have been critical to my success this year and have left an indelible mark on me and my leadership."
~ Ginny Fowler
Vice President of Talent Management, Apartment Life, Inc.
2017 LEAP Participant


 Past Participants:

Some of the people who have participated previously in LEAP have held various leadership responsibilities, including:

"LEAP helped me more fully engage my God-given gifts in my leadership role at Crosslands. Your leadership coaching has helped me realize that true leadership is found in giving yourself in service to others and not persuading others to serve you."
~ Bret Bemiller
Senior Project Manager, Crosslands Construction Company
2017 LEAP Participant

"Todd's guidance along with the opportunity to interact and learn from the other business leaders in LEAP was invaluable. This experience has helped me become a more effective leader both at work and for my family."

~ B.J. Russell
Western Colorado Operations Manager, Summit Services Group
2017 LEAP Participant




Todd Kemp

Todd Kemp


Todd believes that great leaders ignite flourishing and propel noble missions. He loves engaging leaders who value their own growth, are passionate about their people and earn profit for a greater purpose.

Since 2004, Todd has worked with CEOs and Business Owners, helping them build value in their organizations and multiply their capacity for being trusted leaders. As President of Sunbelt Business Advisors, a business brokerage, Todd worked with over 100 companies helping them buy, sell or reposition their firms. In addition to leading a $350M tech sales region at a Fortune 150, he earned entrepreneurial scar tissue by co-founding a software venture and acquiring a retail business.”

A graduate of Stanford University, Todd played on two NCAA Championship water polo teams. He lives with his bride and two teenage children at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Todd enjoys mountain biking, hiking, investing time with family and making mango salsa.